Quran with Tafseer 1.0

Quran with Tafseer 1.0: This Software is used to read the Holy Quran in Arabic,Urdu & English Languages. Quran with Tafseer 1.0 is used to read and learn the Holy Quran in Arabic, Urdu and English Languages with five Translations and four Tafseer, all bundled together in one easy to use and small size of application. The software is equipped with a web type user interface for ease of use and provided Tafseer text with show-hide functionality also not required to install Urdu/Arabic language support.

RC Localize 7.06: Translate Visual Studio RC resources files, localize your application easily
RC Localize 7.06

translations in different languages that you added to your resources. RC Localize includes many tools for helping you in the localization process: mnemonic characters checking, character formatting, spell checking, adjusting the size of the controls ... RC Localize can display a dialog and its variation in the different translations. It also includes a dialog editor that allows you to reposition the controls and adjust their size. RC Localize offers

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jalada Textual 4.0: jalada Textual is your Swiss Army Knife to edit any kind of text based files.
jalada Textual 4.0

jalada introduced Textual 4. Your Swiss Army Knife to edit any kind of text based files. Textual is completely new from the ground up and combines all well-liked features with lots of great new functionalities to every part of Textual. In addition to being the most powerful text editor for Mac, Texual 4 now provides a set of tools, such as document management, bookmarks, find in files, full text translations and direct online searches, etc.

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The Letterhead Kit-32 7.2: The Letterhead Kit-32 for WordPerfect 9,8,7 Business Correspondence Assistant
The Letterhead Kit-32 7.2

The Letterhead Kit-32 7.2/Win, (ASP) 450 Business Correspondence Assistant for Corel WordPerfect 9,8, & 7. Customizes letterheads on-the-fly, adds scanned signatures and any of 30 special message grapics for cargo, office & financial information, including "Rush"" and "Thank you for your payment." Shareware $US20. From Science Translations Software, an award-winning Corel Solution Partner.

template, wordperfect, letterhead, invoice, corel, cards, correspondence, business, boilerplate

NovaXchange 3.0: Conversion and interchange software reads and writes tape and data files.
NovaXchange 3.0

NovaXchange includes powerful data management and conversion software for Windows, with the ability to transfer, extrapolate and convert all types of data, including files and tapes created with different operating systems and architectures. NovaXchange works with most disk and tape drives, reading and writing various formats including Fixed Length, IBM or ANSII Labeled or Unlabeled tapes, variable length, and even undefined tape record formats.

tape translations, tape conversion, data interchange, data utility, ascii to ebcidic, tape utility, data conversion, tape

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